Resend Your Order Confirmation

After placing an order, you will receive two emails. First, you’ll receive an “Your Account” email. A few minutes later (up to 5 minutes), you’ll receive a “Completed Order” email that will contain links to view your download and license on a PC, Mobile device as well as PDF invoice attached that you can view or print.

If you have your order confirmation email, but haven’t received your “Completed Order” email after 5 minutes, click the “Account” on the top menu and view your “Orders” detail. This will take you to your Order Management screen where you can view your download and license.

If you haven’t received or cannot find the Order Confirmation email, enter your email address below then click “Re-Send ” to have it resent to you. To resend, click the “Re-send” button, which will prompt you to enter the address of the recipient. If the e-mail address is incorrect or you’d like to send the receipt to another recipient, change the e-mail address here before sending the receipt. Watch this quick screenshot.

Email Address:

Order Number ( Please, if you have it ) :