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  • Convert Or Scan To PDF
  • Export And Edit PDF Documents
  • Combine Files From Multiple Applications
  • Streamline Online Document Reviews
  • Collect Data With Fillable PDF Forms
  • Protect PDF Files And Content
  • View, Search, And Share PDF Files
  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server Compatible

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Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Overview

The Adobe Acrobat Pro DC Version 20050.18 For Windows Retail DVD – 1 User license is all of language version of the Acrobat (18) Pro DC software. It allows you to reliably create, edit, and share basic PDF files. You can also convert paper documents to searchable PDF files or fillable forms, and merge multiple file types into one PDF file.

Edit PDFs

Edit text and images

Correct, update, and enhance PDFs using a new point-and-click interface. Add or replace content or images. Change fonts and typeface size, adjust alignment, or add superscripts or subscripts. Easily flip, rotate, crop, or resize images. Choose Tools > Content Editing > Edit Text & Images. Outlines identify the text and images you can edit. Select the text or images you want to edit. Type new text or set options in the Format panel

Format panel

Format panel lets you change font settings or manipulate images. Click the plus sign in the panel to expose additional options.


Reflow text on a page

Reflow paragraph text on a page by inserting new text or resizing a paragraph with a simple drag. The text in the paragraph automatically reflows to accommodate the edited content. Choose Tools > Content Editing > Edit Text & Images to outline the text boxes. Then click where you want to insert text. To resize the text box, place the pointer over a selection handle. When the cursor changes to the Resize pointer, drag the handle to resize. For more information, see Move, rotate, or resize a text box.

Find and replace

Find and Replace text throughout your document. Replace misspelled, incorrect, or outdated words or phrases using the enhanced Find tool. Choose Edit > Find to open the Find dialog box. Click Replace With to expose the Replace With text box. Type the text you want to find and enter the replacement text. Click Next to locate the first instance of the word or phrase, or click Replace to automatically find and replace the first instance.

Find dialog

Find dialog lets you replace words or phrases.


Rearrange pages

Rearrange, insert, rotate, or delete pages in the improved Page Thumbnails panel. Use the zoom slider to adjust the size of thumbnails. Easily drag-and-drop pages from one location to another.

Page Thumbnails panel

Page Thumbnails panel lets you rearrange, insert, rotate, or delete pages.


For more information, watch How to manipulate pages in Acrobat.

Improved Action Wizard

Simplify routine, multistep tasks using the Action Wizard. Stop, restart, skip, or rerun tasks as needed. Acrobat includes several actions to automate common tasks, such as archiving, redacting sensitive content, and optimizing for the web. You can easily customize these actions or set up your own. The Action Wizard lets you run Actions on documents stored locally or hosted in online repositories, such as SharePoint or Office 365. Choose Tools > Action Wizard to create, start, or import an action.

For more information, watch How to create and share Actions.

Create and combine PDFs

Thumbnail preview for combining files

Use the new thumbnail view to preview and rearrange pages before merging them into a single PDF. Drag-and-drop files and emails directly into the dialog box. Expand multipage documents to view all its pages. To combine files, choose Create > Combine Files Into a Single PDF.

Combine Files dialog box

Combine Files dialog box lets you drag-and-drop documents and rearrange pages.

A. Plus sign to display all pages in a document B. Thumbnail and list view buttons C. Slider to resize thumbnails D. Undo and Redo buttons E. Remove Selected Items button 

For more information on combining files, see Merging files into a single PDF.

Microsoft Office 2010

(Windows) Create PDF files with one click from select Microsoft Office 2010 applications for Windows, including 64-bit versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook. Now with enhanced create-and-send options.

For more information, watch Convert Word, Excel, or PowerPoint Files to PDF, or See Convert Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel files to PDF.

Working with documents in the cloud

Seamlessly store and retrieve documents from cloud repositories, such as Acrobat.comOffice 365, and SharePoint. Each Open and Save dialog box includes an option to open or save from an online account.

For more information, watch How to work with files in the cloud and How to work with SharePoint and Office 365.

Sign and distribute for signatures

Sign PDFs where you want, how you want

Place your signature anywhere on a PDF. Choose from a typewritten or hand-drawn appearance, or import an image of your signature. Choose Sign > Place Signature.

Choose Sign > Place Signature.

Place the signature of your choice anywhere in a document.


For more information, watch Sign PDF files electronically, or see Sign a PDF.

Send and track signatures with Adobe Sign service

Send documents for signature approval with the Adobe Sign online subscription service. Easily keep track of the signing process. Recipients can sign without downloading a plug-in or creating an Adobe Sign account.

Long-term validation and ECC-based credentials

Embed long-term validation information automatically when using certificate signatures. Use certificate signatures that support elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) based credentials.

Customize your tools and workspace

Create tool sets

Quickly access the tools and commands you use most with tool sets. Tool sets let you define the tools and panels you need for different types of tasks, such as creating forms, commenting, or preparing legal documents. Group tools in the toolbar and customize the task panes to include just the panels you need for each task. To get started, click Customize > Create New Tool Setin the toolbar.

Customize your toolbar and Tools pane

Customize your toolbar and Tools pane by defining tool sets for different tasks.


Undock the Comments List

Detach the Comments List from the Comments pane. Resize and reposition the Comments List to streamline your workflow. Choose Comment > Comments List. Then from the Options menu   in the Comments List, choose Undock Comment List. Acrobat remembers the size and position the next time you undock it.

Touch mode for tablet and mobile devices

Touch mode makes it easier to use Acrobat and Reader on touch devices. Toolbar buttons, panels, and menus shift apart slightly to accommodate selecting with your fingers. The Touch reading mode optimizes viewing and supports most common gestures. Acrobat and Reader automatically switch to Touch mode when on a touch-enabled device. You can display a toolbar button to toggle Touch mode on and off. Choose View Show/Hide > Toolbar Items > Touch Mode.

For more information, watch How to use Acrobat XI on touch devices.

Protect PDFs

Delete sensitive information

Permanently delete sensitive information from PDF files. Use redaction tools to delete specific text and illustrations. (Acrobat Pro) Easily sanitize documents by finding and deleting hidden data with a single click. To access the redaction tools, choose Tools > Protection.

For more information, watch Remove and Redact Sensitive Information from PDF Files, or see Removing sensitive content from PDFs.

Add password protection

Prevent others from editing your PDF files without being a security expert. The new Restrict Editing tool lets you add a password to a PDF. Choose Tools > Protection > Restrict Editing.

For more information, watch Protect PDF Files with Passwords and Permissions, or see Securing PDFs with passwords.

Add passwords when creating PDFs in Microsoft Office

Add password protection to PDFs while creating them from within Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, or PowerPoint. The Protect PDF options helps prevent others from editing your PDF files.

Make PDFs accessible (Acrobat Pro only)

Guided action to create accessible PDFs

Create accessible PDFs for people with disabilities using the Make Accessible guided action. Make Accessible walks you through the most important steps for making PDFs accessible, then validates the results using the Full Check Accessibility Checker.

the Make Accessible guided action

Make Accessible guided action walks you through the steps to make PDFs accessible.


Validate the accessibility of a PDF

The Full Check option steps through your PDF to see if it conforms to accessibility standards, such as PDF/UA and WCAG 2.0. Choose which accessibility issues to analyze and review the results in the Accessibility Checker panel or in a PDF report. For more information, see Check Accessibility of PDFs.

Export formats and options

PDF to PowerPoint

(Acrobat Pro) Convert PDF files to fully editable Microsoft PowerPoint files. The PowerPoint files retain the formatting and layout of the PDF. Easily edit or update bulleted text, tables, objects, master layouts, transitions, and speaker notes. Select File > Save As Other > Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

For more information, watch Convert PDF Files to Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint.

PDF to HTML web pages

Turn PDF files into single or multiple web pages, complete with editable style elements for quick reformatting. Select File > Save As Other > HTML Web Page.

Export PDF selections

Export selected parts of a file to Microsoft PowerPoint format (Acrobat Pro), as well as Word, Excel, or HTML. Select any combination of text, images, and tables in your PDF document, then choose an export format from the File > Save As Othermenu.


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